Existe lugar para um tipo de vida “socialista” ao invés do atual modo de vida capitalista?

By Rafael Reinehr | Saúde da Sociedade

dez 19
Socialismo x capitalismo

Hoje propus, no Debatewise, uma discussão acerca da possibilidade, em pleno século XXI, de um modo de vida socialista. Coloquei lá a pergunta e complementei com a seguinte introdução:

Capitalism defines the current main type of relationships in the majority of the world, with exception of some minor guettos (like indians, aboriginal people and alternative squats and neighborhoods). Is there willing somewhere and people anxious to change this paradigm?

Minha resposta à minha própria pergunta, segue abaixo:

There are lots of people trying to live in a more communal way of living, struggling against individualism.

If you look for the job of people like Paul Hawken (wiserearth.org), Alex Stevens (worldchanging.org), read the books of Bill McKibben (like Deep Economy – The Wealth of Communities and The Durable Future), Jacqueline Novogratz (The Blue Sweater – Bringing the Gap Between the Rich and Poor in an Interconncted World) and István Mészáros (The Challenge and Burden of Historical Time – Socialism in the Twenty-First Century), yes, you can assume that there are lots of people trying to live more like human sencient beings than like automated and massified human “particles”.Love, compassion, sharing, cooperation seems so old-fashioned in the ears of most of us today, but there´s still a profound sentiment that tell us that those akward words mean something truly important, something that could lead us to better times, times where we will struggle less, live more and finally get close of what ancientally we used to call happiness.

Se você quiser fortalecer meu ponto de vista (ou atacá-lo, fique à vontade), o endereço para fazer isso é o que segue: http://debatewise.org/debates/1532-is-there-a-place-for-a-socialist-type-of-living-instead-of-the-current-capitalist-type

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